MonoGame 2.5.1

MonoGame 2.5.1

June 18, 2012 by Tom Spilman in Releases

The MonoGame team are pleased to announce that MonoGame v2.5.1 has been released. This release contains important bug fixes and minor updates. Recent additions include project templates for iOS and MacOS. The MonoDevelop.MonoGame AddIn also works on Linux. We have removed the dependency on the thirdparty GamePad library to allow MonoGame to be included in the debian/ubuntu repositories. There have been a major bug fix to ensure textures are disposed of correctly as well as some fixes to the audio system under iOS.

This release also includes an updated Windows Installer for Visual Studio 2010 and MonoDevelop. This will install a binary release that will allow you to develop Windows and Linux based MonoGame projects. It includes some project templates to easily create a new MonoGame project.

This is an point release of the 2.5 develop branch
All continuing efforts are going into v3.x, see below.
The 3.x series will extend MonoGame with support for the XNA 3D APIs as well as something we are working on, which we believe the whole MonoGame will love.

Firstly, go over to github and register. Then fork the main repo found at
This will allow you to make changes to your own repo and send us patches and enhancements, thus benefiting everyone.
You can also join the active community of developers on IRC at on the #monogame channel, where the day-to-day improvements are being discussed in real time.
If you release a game using MonoGame, please let us know so we can update our released games page, and mention MonoGame in your tweet.

*SPECIAL THANKS TO FOR THIS RELEASE ( In no particular order)
Jalfx (for starting this project in 2010, when it was called XNATouch)
slygamer (Konaju Games)
Clancey (Xamarin)
JorgeMagic (Cell SDK)
tomspilman (Sickhead Games)
directhex (Linux Support)
danzel (PSS Support)

Team Xamarin for their support and continued great work on all things Mono and everyone else that submitted patches/fixes and enhancements. Without your contributions this release would not have been possible.

Special thanks to Flying Development Studio, makers of Infinite Flight, for giving back their code changes that added 3D support to MonoGame. These changes will form an important part of the next v3.0 release.

Also to Sickhead Games for their continued work on the 3D branch and for adding Metro support. As well as danzel for kicking off the Playstation Suite support.

And finally to anyone else who has contributed to this release.

For Fixes and Features see the post on

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