Latest Release

Note: MonoGame doesn’t require an installer anymore. Everything now works through NuGet packages and simple project templates.

Getting started with MonoGame
Released July 26th, 2022
Release notes

You can also find the latest release directly on NuGet, but we encourage you to go through the getting started documentation first.

If you are looking for old releases you can find them on our community site.

Development Builds

Nightly builds can be accessed from the Github packages.

These packages can be referenced as a NuGet feed if you need them to be accessible from your development environment. Please read the Github documentation on how to setup a NuGet feed from Github packages.

Important note: development packages are no longer on teamcity. If you are still using the teamcity feed, please know that it is highly outdated and we strongly recommend that you move your development feed to Github packages.

Source Code

If you want to get hold of the latest source code you can get that from our Github page. The master branch contains the latest stable release. There are several tags of previous releases. Finally if you want to get the latest features and fixes you can download our develop branch.


Looking for logos to promote the fact that your game was written using MonoGame? Get them from GitHub.