MonoGame 3.0

MonoGame 3.0

January 21, 2013 by Tom Spilman in Releases

Its here, MonoGame 3.0 is finally here. A lot of work has gone into preparing this major release, with considerable refactoring of the code base to support 3D.

See the Breaking changes section below to see some of the things that have changed that might effect your app.

What’s New

Enormous thanks to Tom, Steve, Dean, Aranda and Jacob for making all this possible. Thanks to all of our contributors for raising issues and fixing bugs. We would also like to thank Xamarin for their continued support.

We will continue to enhance this stable release over the next few months.

Visual Studio

It contains an Installer which will install a binary release of MonoGame on windows boxes for Visual Studio (2010 and 2012) with the following platforms.

If you need to build for iOS or Mac you will need to get the source code at this time as the installers for those platforms are not available yet.

The installer will also install the Project templates for Visual Studio 2010 , 2012. For those of you wishing to use the normal windows port it will install and include the OpenAL installer.


For those of you using MonoDevelop, you can Install the Templates and Runtimes for MonoDevelop from the “Add In Manager” within MonoDevelop. It requires MonoDevelop 3.x. The MonoDevelop package can also be downloaded manually and installed again from the “Add In Manager” using the “Install from File” option.

This package/AddIn can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac. It contains the following platforms

Breaking Changes

If you want to get the source for this release just grab the latest code drop from github:

The dependencies can be downloaded from:

Any feedback should be raised on github:

If you raise an issue please include as much detail as possible, such as your hardware platform, type of GPU on your device, and especially the revision number of your device’s operating system. If possible, include a link to sample code that demonstrates the issue so that we can reproduce it.

If you want to get involved please go ahead and fork the repository on github and get your hands dirty, we are always looking for new people to join in.

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