The New

The New

March 15, 2014 by Tom Spilman in News

Welcome to the new and improved!

In late 2013 we noticed the website was getting slow and we had an unstoppable onslaught of spam bots.  Worse none of us knew how to fix it and it didn’t seem we were properly supporting the community.  We decided we had to remedy this situation and prepare ourselves for the future.

First we have moved hosting to DigitalOcean.  They really provide fantastic server hardware at very reasonable prices and so far their support and ease of use has been a tremendous help to this transition.  We really can’t recommend them enough.  If you are looking for hosting and don’t mind a little Linux command line hacking please click thru and give them a try.   Yes… that previous link gives us a small kick back if you sign up… just consider it a donation towards our new web hosting costs. 🙂

We were unhappy with the performance and general slowness of Drupal on the old site.  We looked at the top CMS systems available and decided that WordPress was our best choice.  Not only is it the most popular CMS out there, but it is easy to maintain and is updated frequently.

Finally for a long time now MonoGame has lacked a good community site.  The CodePlex forums were feeling old and lacked some modern features which would make for an improved community site.  We decided on using Discourse which is developed by the people that created StackOverflow/StackExchange.  Please let us know how you like it.

We want to first thank Xamarin who graciously hosted the site for the past 2 years.  Not only do they make a fantastic product, but without it MonoGame would not be running on iOS, Android, and PlayStation 4.  We also want to thank Joseph Hill who setup the previous site and did the fantastic site design.  This all came along at a critical time in MonoGame’s history and made us look good and helped us expand the community further than we imagined.

Please come discuss the new site with us and help build a better community around MonoGame in 2014!

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