MonoGame for PlayStation 4

MonoGame for PlayStation 4

March 23, 2014 by Tom Spilman in News


The big news this week is that MonoGame is coming to PlayStation 4.

Open-source game development framework MonoGame will be free for all registered PS4 developers. – Develop

Unity, GameMaker: Studio and MonoGame are three of the most commonly used development tools for indies and students. – Polygon

The company has entered into partnerships to bring GameMaker:Studio from YoYo Games, and MonoGame to the PS4 development ecosystem. – Gamasutra

This was a project that Dean, Dominique, Steve and I worked at with Sony for almost a year. Still it couldn’t have been possible without help from Xamarin and all of the developers that have used and contributed to MonoGame over the years.

If you are interested in publishing a MonoGame title on PlayStation 4 you first need to register with them and be accepted into their PS4 developer program. In a few short weeks we will be posting the information on how to access the MonoGame beta for PS4 thru their developer network forums.

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