MonoGame 3.3

MonoGame 3.3

March 16, 2015 by Tom Spilman in News, Releases

This is the MonoGame 3.3 release. It is a culmination of over 3,000 commits from dozens of developers over the last 11 months.

We still lack easy to use installers for Mac and Linux binaries and Xamarin Studio templates, but they are being worked on and we plan on them being available in the next release. For now depend on the zipped binaries above or building from source code when developing from Linux or Mac.

Note this is the first in our new push to release “early and often”. We expect to have official releases on a quarterly to monthly basis based on the submitted fixes and features.

Also this will be the last release with the MonoGame content pipeline extensions for XNA. We will be focusing all efforts on the new MonoGame content pipeline in future releases.

This is a short summary of all the changes in this release:

Thanks for supporting MonoGame!

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