Ship your MonoGame games on iOS and Android for free! Happy Holidays!

Ship your MonoGame games on iOS and Android for free! Happy Holidays!

December 16, 2015 by Dean Ellis in News

This is a great day for all MonoGame developers out there. Xamarin have just announced that developers can now write games for Android and iOS for FREE! yes FREE! The Free licence given to game developers is the equivalent of a Business level licence, that comes with community support via the Xamarin forums. With this licence you can use Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio to develop for Android and iOS*. This is a limited offer though, so you must apply before the end of December. You do need to have a published game in one of the many stores available, that includes those of you who have XNA based games on Windows or Xbox 360, see the following article for more details.

With this offer you can develop games with MonoGame for free on all major platforms. This includes Android (including OUYA), iOS, Windows, Windows Phone, Windows 10, Linux and MacOS. Remember also that if you develop a game targeting the Windows 10 universal platform that will also work on Xbox One**.

This is such an amazing gesture by Xamarin to the Indie game development community.

Don’t forget the offer ends on 31st December 2015 at 9pm ET so make sure you apply or miss out.

*A Mac is still required for iOS/Mac development.

**On the Apps partition only.

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