MonoGame and the Xbox Live Creators Program

MonoGame and the Xbox Live Creators Program

March 2, 2017 by Tom Spilman in News

Today Microsoft announced the Xbox Live Creators Program, which allows anyone with a Windows 10 PC and a retail Xbox One to develop games for their console and publish them to the Xbox One Store.  This is a welcome return and improvement of what made game development using C# and XNA so fun and career launching for many indies.

MonoGame, being the open source spiritual successor to XNA, now supports over 10 platforms including UWP.  By using MonoGame and targeting the UWP platform you’ll be able to create 2d and 3d games for hundreds of millions of Windows 10 PCs and the whole Xbox One family, including the upcoming Project Scorpio.

Some developers have already taken advantage of our UWP support, like Endi Milojkoski’s Raining Blobs:

Our new MonoGame 3.6 release has a year of improvements to our UWP support as well as our other platforms and works great on Xbox One.  To get started today get the Xbox Live Creators SDK and then download the MonoGame SDK.  There is a great little article by Xamarin on getting started with UWP and MonoGame which can help you if you’re new to MonoGame.

If you need more help with MonoGame or UWP or just want to show off your work please post on our community site.

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